22 Mar 2012

Starting Points for Project Editing

I was really excited to do a workshop recently with London Independent Photography, working with photographers to edit their projects. The quality of work that people turned up with was excellent, and we had a very productive day discussing possible outcomes and how projects could be further developed to meet those goals. There is clearly a big demand for such guidance in editing, so more workshops are definitely to come in future!

Thank you to Stefanie Reichelt for sharing these images from the day!

15 Dec 2011

Buzzing into 2012!

It’s just shocking to realise how quickly time can disappear, and I do wish I had more time to update this site with new images and stories about all that I’ve seen and what I’ve been working on. It’s been very difficult to focus exclusively on my own photographic work since I spend so much of my time now working on other projects including fLIP magazine and, in 2011, leading workshops. More of the same is in store for 2012. For the month of January I will be travelling in the US, and in mid-February will lead a workshop on project editing. All this time I have been shooting and building up an archive of work that I want to share, but some of it will just have to wait until I can give my full attention to presenting it in the ways that I envision…

For the duration of the holidays though, I’ll share some pictures here that I took at Zagreb Zoo in autumn, in the gallery called ‘Pets.’

I wish you all happy holidays and the best of all you can imagine for 2012! X

9 Sep 2011

More workshops with Photofusion!

My first two workshops at Photofusion on Approaching the Street were a great success! The participants were all very keen and it’s been a real pleasure to see the results they have produced for their course assignments. There is some seriously great work coming out of it, and I’m sure some of these photographers will see wider exposure in the very near future!

I’ve just received an email from one participant who said, “The expertise and info sheets you provided were very helpful in steering my process and edits toward cohesion as I managed to secure a Magnum Workshop with Ian Berry and have group work projected at the Whitechapel Gallery. A very positive experience for me…”

Exciting feedback!

Another session will run two Sundays, 25 September & 9 October – to register see the Photofusion website for details

2 Jun 2011

Upcoming workshop: Approaching the Street

I’m leading a workshop over two Saturdays next month at Photofusion, with ten participants – will you be one?

The course runs 9 & 23 July (two Saturdays), with the opportunity to complete a project in between. We’ll cover different approaches to the genre of street photography, discuss the progression of ideas and working methods. There will be a practical shooting session and the follow-up session will focus on feedback, editing advice and ideas for further project development. More than all that even!

Organised to run during the exhibition On Street Photography: A Womanʼs Perspective which I’m taking part in, which in turn is also a part of the London Street Photography Festival.

See this link for more details and to register!

Update: New dates added July 31/August 14, 2011

12 May 2011

I am woman, hear me roar!

I’m excited to be participating in the upcoming exhibition On Street Photography: A Womanʼs Perspective at Photofusion, which is also in conjunction with the London Street Photography Festival.

The exhibition runs June 10 – July 22, 2011 and “showcases the work of five female photographers who use the public domain as their inspiration. Each photographer has a unique style and approach, providing a thought provoking view on modern day life across the globe.”

My images, all made at night in London, will be exhibited alongside work by Anahita Avalos, Ying Tang, Johanna Neurath and Polly Braden.

Photofusion is at 17A Electric Lane, Brixton, SW9 8LA and is a minute walk from Brixton tube.

Hope you can make it!

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11 May 2011

A Royal Picnic Day

It was great fun shooting the royal wedding in April, and I’m pleased that my resulting series of picnics in St James’s Park shows a different perspective on an event photographed by millions! I started the day like many other photographers, picturing the crowds and trying to capture some of the feel-good patriotism on display around central London. After venturing into St James’s Park to have a look around I quickly realised there would be no way out for some time – we were kettled in! The procession moved from Buckingham Palace toward Westminster Abbey for the marriage ceremony. I got a fuzzy glimpse of Kate Middleton’s car passing by. The crowds were positively jubilant! It was quite a thrilling experience to see so many jolly faces in London.

Shortly before the ceremony began I felt I had taken enough pictures and retreated deeper into the park for some peace. I noticed groups gathering in clusters, laying out blankets in preparation for a picnic while the audio from the wedding played on speakers around the park. This is when I realised what the day was really about; friends coming together for celebration and good times. I began to photograph the picnics and didn’t stop until the wedding was over. As a document it not only shows details of the precise moment in time – Kate and William’s wedding – but reveals something about our quirks, our eating (and drinking) habits, and the physical items we keep near to us.

31 Jan 2011

London Street Photography Festival & Awards

The first ever (and properly ambitious!) London Street Photography Festival will have quite a broad programme of exhibitions and events on offer through July 2011 – including ‘the first UK exhibition of the most talked about photography phenomenon in recent months‘: Vivian Maier. I’m quite excited to have the opportunity to see more of her pictures printed and in person rather than online.

The exhibitions and events programme is online and I won’t be surprised if it continues to grow in the run-up to the festival.

In advance the organisers are taking entries for the first annual Street Photography Awards. I’ve been asked to join the judging panel for the International Award, which I’m honoured to do. Finalists of the International Award will exhibit in a prestigious gallery and the winner takes £1,000 cash, an all-expenses-paid trip to the launch in London (or more cash), an Olympus PEN camera and more goodies.

There is also a Student Street Photography Award to find the best new talent in the UK. The final exhibition of work will be curated, designed and produced by six finalists which sounds like a really terrific opportunity.

Entry costs are quite reasonable and the whole festival is sure to bring a lot of photographers together in London to showcase their work, make friends and influence people!

3 Dec 2010

Public curation of David Hurn’s Passing Time exhibition

David Hurn at the opening of Passing Time 18 Nov 2010, holding LIFE magazine with his photograph of Jane Fonda as Barbarella on cover

An exhibition by Magnum photographer David Hurn is currently running at Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff, with a talk underway this evening. David decided a clever way to showcase the breadth of his work spanning 55 years, would be to exhibit his photographs in pairs – with one picture shot during the first half of his career and another from the second half.

A significant part of the exhibition Passing Time has been curated by the public, which I participated in, and selected pairings of David’s work will show at the gallery until 9th January 2011.

Joni Karanka from TFG discussed the project recently in an article for The Telegraph:

Passing Time follows the premise of finding visual matches, resemblances or echoes between the first and second half of David Hurn’s career. This might sound like an easy task, but it is rather daunting. His archives span 55 years of photography in all the imaginable roles that a photographer might have, from documenting revolutions in the 1950’s to capturing on film the changing landscape and people of Wales before the turn of the millennium. That’s without counting his observations of daily life or the shoots that would create the movie posters for James Bond that have stuck in my head since I grew up. How on earth could the three of us running the gallery have a serious go at working on a project of such a large scale and with so many pitfalls? Well, we just gave up and handed the task to hundreds of contributors. This was not a publicity gimmick, but a serious solution to a problem: in a massive archive, a hundred pairs of eyes will find more than half a dozen.

Last week we finally put the call for curators online. We chose a popular and surprisingly serious flickr forum to start a simple thread in which people could upload pairs of images. The system was very simple: search Magnum archives for David Hurn’s photographs and post a pair in which one image has been taken before 1982 and the other after 1982.

Daylight Magazine has produced an excellent video interview with David about Passing Time, where he discusses some of the pairs submitted by the public. (He also discusses two of my submissions in the video from 6:00-8:55!) Pairs were selected from 21 contributors.

29 Jul 2010

Two fLIPs!

Unfortunately I haven’t been updating my website recently with new photography, although I hope that will change soon. Much of my time over the past 6 months has been spent creating a new vision for the magazine for London Independent Photography, as previously mentioned here. My first issue as editor was launched back in April (cover above left, photo by Carole Evans). Re-titled, redesigned and twice the thickness of the previous magazine, it made a bit of a splash and was exceptionally well received by members and other readers.

Tonight is the launch party for the Summer 2010 LEISURE issue (above right, photo by Tom Robinson) and I’m really excited to see the response to this follow-up. In addition to featuring great work by nearly 40 members, there’s an extensive interview with Stephen Gill, and contributions from Paul Hill and Simon Roberts.

It’s been a fascinating experience to work on the magazine, and even a privilege! Contributors have been outstanding really and I look forward to working on future issues.

20 Jul 2010

La Pura Vida Gallery, Monthly Show June, 2010

Los Alamos, NM
Image ©Simon Kossoff

In June, La Pura Vida Gallery invited anyone to edit a slideshow from a selection of over 200 images, and my slideshow is featured in the gallery. It was really fun to do, and I discovered some exciting photographers’ work in the process!

The theme was “Travel is very useful and it exercises the imagination. All the rest is disappointment and fatigue. Our own journey is entirely imaginary. That is its strength. It goes from life to death. People, animals, cities, things, all are imagined. It’s a novel, simply a fictitious narrative.” – Céline, Journey to the End of the Night

With photographs by: Charalampos Kydonakis, Christian Flatscher, Dave Sinclair, Andrey Bogush, Chuck Patch, Simon Kossoff, Kourosh Azar, John Goldsmith, Julien Barathon, Mehrdad Azmin, Gustavo Sanabria, Ivan Sanjuan, Snjezana Josipovic, Rivo Yubara

10 Apr 2010

Pictory – London showcase

This photograph taken at the Bank of England was selected by Pictory magazine for a showcase on London. Pictory features stories from people around the world, documenting their lives and cultures, and is edited by Laura Brunow Miner. View the showcase here

30 Jan 2010

Haiti Print Auction

I donated prints of these two images for an auction to raise funds in support of relief efforts & rebuilding in Haiti after the earthquake. In collaboration with Charity Print Auctions organised by Andrew Newson, the amazing efforts of the group raised more than £18,000. These sold for £130 with funds going to Red Cross and SOS Children’s Villages.

10 Jan 2010

London Street Zoo

Two of my pictures have been featured in an online slideshow by Street Reverb magazine. It’s a showcase of contemporary London street photography selected from the Hardcore Street Photography pool on flickr. Edited by Bryan Formhals. View the slideshow

9 Dec 2009

New Adventures for 2010

For a few years now I have been a committee member of London Independent Photography and Editor and webmaster of the group’s website. This has been an enjoyable role for me which primarily involves enhancing communication amongst our 500 members, and promoting individual photographers’ activities to the general public. I will continue to do this through the next year, as well as immerse myself in a new endeavour!

Our group also publishes a magazine three times a year featuring members’ work, and I have now taken on the position of Editor with my first issue to be printed in Spring 2010. This is a very exciting time for me, and I hope to not only create a magazine that is rich with thought-provoking and inspirational content, but one which engages our members and the general public alike. It is currently stocked in the Photographers Gallery, Serpentine Gallery bookshop, Viewfinder Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. I do hope to see future issues reaching out to a wider audience from the shelves of more shops and newsagents, so be on the lookout!

I am already in the process of gathering content, meeting with potential writers and contributors, and encouraging members of LIP to participate in the creation of the magazine in some way. These issues are entirely funded by our annual membership fees – there is no sponsorship, advertising or funding whatsoever paving the production route with gold. Because of this we have the freedom to produce a printed work of the standard that best fits our collaborative personality. As such, the magazine will see a number of changes from its previous incarnation, most recently edited by Britt Hatzius who dedicated three years to the job. She saw the magazine as a printed exhibition work which showcased images submitted on a theme, then she ‘choreographed’ them to flow through the book.

My interpretation of the magazine will involve more dialogue and friendly banter, more articles and photographic series, while still including theme-related work. However it may turn out, I do hope people will feel good about the result, submit their photographic work for consideration and above all read it!

15 Oct 2009

LIP 21st Annual Exhibition

London Independent Photography 21st Annual Exhibition

The exhibition opens on Sunday, October 18th from 2.30-5pm. If you can make it I think the show promises to be somewhat eclectic and interesting this year! It seems the selectors favoured series of work and chose more images from less photographers than in previous years. I had 6 prints selected by Magda Keaney, Curator Photography, National Portrait Gallery and Susanna Brown, Curator Photography, V&A Museum. Runs until October 31st at Cottons Centre Atrium (aka The Jungle!) on Southbank near Hays Galleria, SE1 2QE – (map)

18 Sep 2009

Photomonth Photofair

Alternative Arts is organising a Photofair at Spitalfields market to coincide with the East London Photography Festival. I will be there exhibiting along with some friends on Saturday 10th October, from 10-5pm. Come and visit us at one of the exhibition stands in the southwestern part of the market!

16 Sep 2009

Dr Karanka’s Print Stravaganza Opening


An itinerant photography show of DIY exhibitions in different countries – Cardiff (Wales), Bologna (Italy), Arles (France) and Gilwice (Poland) – comes to London! The exhibition for Photomonth 2009 is the largest to date including original works and fresh submissions that keep the show growing in new and unexpected directions.

The first exhibition was organised by Joni Karanka in the living room of his flat in Cardiff. Since then a box of prints has traveled to different locations, sparking a nomadic series of shows curated by various people who select work from the box. I will be contributing to the selection/curation of the London show, and the opening party is bound to be one of the (if not the) best of Photomonth this year! Dr Karanka will be in attendance.

Opening night Friday, October 9th, 7.30pm till late
At The Others, 6+8 Manor Road, Stoke Newington N16 5SA

30 Aug 2009

Editing Images for a Photobook

I am now in the post-first draft, contemplative phase of reworking a book of images from Crobar, a heavy metal bar in central London. Having shot there over nearly two years, my grand ideas have changed multiple times since I began working with the images. The first draft was quickly put together so I could take it with me to Arles in July. There I was able to show it around, get some feedback, and even put it in front of a couple of portfolio reviewers. Not the best idea perhaps considering that incarnation was new to me and I wasn’t really sure which direction I wanted to steer the images.

Unsurprisingly the reviewers said I had too many threads strung through the book and I should pick just one in order to get a tightly edited body of work that would have more impact. Now I am coming closer to figuring out what that thread is that I want to run with, and I’m preparing to dig back into the images and tear them apart to build something new. Exciting!

At Rencontres d’Arles, JH Engstrom and Anders Petersen’s book From Back Home won the Contemporary Book award. Engstrom talked about how much effort it takes to create a powerful book, that you must live with the images in that form for some time before the final piece reveals itself.

10 Aug 2009

Exhibition at the Red Lion in Shoreditch

Paint it White

I’m participating in this exhibition along with 20 other photographers who had work selected: Adam Parkes, Adrian Capps, Anne Clements, Brad Steiner, Chris Moxey, Craig Stevenson, David Solomons, David Brownridge, Giovanni Frisari, Hamish Stewart, John Stead, Jonathan Goldberg, Jonathan Stafford, Mark Denton, Massimo Fascinari, Nigel Jarvis, Richard Conolly, Sarah Bailyn, Steve Richmond and Susanna Suovalkama.

Red Lion Free House
41 Hoxton Street (at Mundy St)
London N1 6NH
Nearest tube: Old Street