30 Aug 09

Editing Images for a Photobook

I am now in the post-first draft, contemplative phase of reworking a book of images from Crobar, a heavy metal bar in central London. Having shot there over nearly two years, my grand ideas have changed multiple times since I began working with the images. The first draft was quickly put together so I could take it with me to Arles in July. There I was able to show it around, get some feedback, and even put it in front of a couple of portfolio reviewers. Not the best idea perhaps considering that incarnation was new to me and I wasn’t really sure which direction I wanted to steer the images.

Unsurprisingly the reviewers said I had too many threads strung through the book and I should pick just one in order to get a tightly edited body of work that would have more impact. Now I am coming closer to figuring out what that thread is that I want to run with, and I’m preparing to dig back into the images and tear them apart to build something new. Exciting!

At Rencontres d’Arles, JH Engstrom and Anders Petersen’s book From Back Home won the Contemporary Book award. Engstrom talked about how much effort it takes to create a powerful book, that you must live with the images in that form for some time before the final piece reveals itself.