20 Jul 10

La Pura Vida Gallery, Monthly Show June, 2010

Los Alamos, NM
Image ©Simon Kossoff

In June, La Pura Vida Gallery invited anyone to edit a slideshow from a selection of over 200 images, and my slideshow is featured in the gallery. It was really fun to do, and I discovered some exciting photographers’ work in the process!

The theme was “Travel is very useful and it exercises the imagination. All the rest is disappointment and fatigue. Our own journey is entirely imaginary. That is its strength. It goes from life to death. People, animals, cities, things, all are imagined. It’s a novel, simply a fictitious narrative.” – Céline, Journey to the End of the Night

With photographs by: Charalampos Kydonakis, Christian Flatscher, Dave Sinclair, Andrey Bogush, Chuck Patch, Simon Kossoff, Kourosh Azar, John Goldsmith, Julien Barathon, Mehrdad Azmin, Gustavo Sanabria, Ivan Sanjuan, Snjezana Josipovic, Rivo Yubara