9 Dec 09

New Adventures for 2010

For a few years now I have been a committee member of London Independent Photography and Editor and webmaster of the group’s website. This has been an enjoyable role for me which primarily involves enhancing communication amongst our 500 members, and promoting individual photographers’ activities to the general public. I will continue to do this through the next year, as well as immerse myself in a new endeavour!

Our group also publishes a magazine three times a year featuring members’ work, and I have now taken on the position of Editor with my first issue to be printed in Spring 2010. This is a very exciting time for me, and I hope to not only create a magazine that is rich with thought-provoking and inspirational content, but one which engages our members and the general public alike. It is currently stocked in the Photographers Gallery, Serpentine Gallery bookshop, Viewfinder Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. I do hope to see future issues reaching out to a wider audience from the shelves of more shops and newsagents, so be on the lookout!

I am already in the process of gathering content, meeting with potential writers and contributors, and encouraging members of LIP to participate in the creation of the magazine in some way. These issues are entirely funded by our annual membership fees – there is no sponsorship, advertising or funding whatsoever paving the production route with gold. Because of this we have the freedom to produce a printed work of the standard that best fits our collaborative personality. As such, the magazine will see a number of changes from its previous incarnation, most recently edited by Britt Hatzius who dedicated three years to the job. She saw the magazine as a printed exhibition work which showcased images submitted on a theme, then she ‘choreographed’ them to flow through the book.

My interpretation of the magazine will involve more dialogue and friendly banter, more articles and photographic series, while still including theme-related work. However it may turn out, I do hope people will feel good about the result, submit their photographic work for consideration and above all read it!